Paramagnetic paint is based on ultrafine and Specialty TiO₂.  Many nano particles need to be within an imaging voxel. Paramagnetic paint is color changing paint and you can download the Paramagnetic painted car to use as your wallpaper. Higher  efficiency can be achieved but is challenging for in vivo cell labeling. Recently, it has been reported that micrometer-sized para-magnetic iron oxide (MPIO) particles can be utilized for labeling a number of cell types and can have significant advantages for cell-tracking studies because a single MPIO-labeled cell can be observed in vivo by MRI where the paramagnetic paint is having its technology origin.


The paint is what’s called thermochromatic, which means it changes from one colour to another when the temperature changes. As the temperature goes up, the pigment in the paint becomes colorless, revealing the base coat underneath.

Reactive Paramagnetic paint costs £699 per litre and the bodyshop used around 7.5 litres on its Nissan Skyline R33. The base colour of the car stays hidden by the effect paint when it is cold, but is revealed when the car heats up again.

We have several paramagnetic paint batches for sale but they are pure experimental as we can not guarantee or stipulate exactly the color change variation. If interested please use the contact us form.

The paint comes in different colors and they can be combined with existing car colours, and top coats, to make the effect more personalized.  Paramagnetic paint contains pigments that change from one color to another as the temperature changes. There are two types of paramagnetic paint pigments: liquid crystals and leuco dyes.

Liquid crystals are more accurate in detecting temperature changes but have a limited color range.

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