With Tron 3 on the corner many will get a grasp of the fantastic effects paramagnetic paint is providing.

Obviously for many to achieve owning such a stunning effect on car paint work would be simply too costly. Therefor the DIY paramagnetic paint kit for hobbyists significantly reduces the overall costs and is great to do.

You just need to mix some off the shelf products and you have the cheapest price possible instead of paying the steep up to 1000% added premium and that is something you can put in your pocket.

As a sprayable coating system, you can apply it in any shape and size field, and you can animate the fields as if they were simple lights.

If interested in mix, just shoot us a email

We have received such a overwhelming response for color changing pigment and more information on paramagnetic paint and specific color changing pigment details that we have decided to provide such in return for when you email us with the links that you have liked and shared 10 of our posts.

If you have done this, please use the contact us, and email us the 10 Facebook like or other social media share links.

In return we’ll provide you access to our special page with dedicated specific color changing pigment or paramagnetic paint information including (1) exact coating composition with even the (2) exact weights including (3) non-conductive primer coating composition and the (4) suppliers, (5) Color variation techniques, (6) Exact Paramagnetic paint formulation to emit light of a specific wavelength thus enabling you to explore the business opportunities for which we think it is just awesome and we have our social media likes. We think that seems fair enough.

We will provide you with the ingredients formulation, suppliers and paramagnetic paint color range formulations. All ingredients are available to buy from the shelf in many specialized stores and even online.

In darkness being visible is crucial for all of us for safety reasons so with the right connections your DIY paramagnetic paint kit for hobbyists could bring you some instant financial charisma.

paramagnetic paint kit for cars