Electroluminescent paint. Although what you see on the video is from some years ago commercial from Peugeot, It is now very well possible with LitCoat Color changing paint formulation.

Color changing paint according to the LitCoat color wheel are the colors you can control with LitCoat.

LitCoat electroluminescent paint on paper applied with paint brush.

RGB colors; The RGB color model is an additive color model in which red, green, and blue light are added together in various ways to reproduce a broad array of colors

LitCoat colorwheel

Paramagnetc paint or LitCoat paint layers. It works on electroluminescent principle or electroluminescence and is the result when phosphoric pigment dissolved in a carrier is sandwiched and electro powered between two conductive film layers or electrodes.

LitCoat is the paint formulation and describes exactly what you need and how to mix and apply it.


That it can have and show multilayer colors is simply done with with separate 3 sandwiched layers all in transparent coating, creating as per the RGB color wheel 7 sets of colors. The total layer thickness of LitCoat should be minimal 100 microns, each additional repeat of the sandwich structure is approx 60 microns.

The chemical engineered electro conductive additive component can have different variations. One of the main ingredients for the different layers is base coat component and is covering already 80% of the needed materials but needs to be mixed with different additives separately and later-on needs to be mixed again to function and differentiate the coating properties to power the phosphoric electroluminescence in the litcoat.

The first thing to understand in wiring conductive paint is how a circuit sees a piece of phosphoric material. It sees it as a capacitor.

LitCoat responds instantly to current. The Phosphor component is a copper-doped zinc sulfide phosphor and it only requires a 0.6 mA of current to charge one square to initiate the color change. As you know, Inverter works on any voltage 12v, 24v, 110v, 220v. The power sources are the same as those that drive EL wire and panels today.

The base component, high solid, mixing machine based polyester acrylic paint is available in every specialized car paint store. The total weight of the LitCoat is: 250g/m² Light area!

Are the additives expensive? Nothing out of the ordinary! Everything can be ordered from any paint supply store and your local paint-shop is equipped to mix it for you. The Topcoat is where you could use flakes, silver, pearl, metallic, diamond etc to achieve overall state of the art effect.

LitCoat Paramagnetic paint wiring

Illustrated in the above video is the clear opaque single sandwiched layer paramagnetic LitCoat layer paint. The clear opaque or transparent basic provides that the other layers can shine or illuminate within the same or combined spectrum.

LitCoat is by far more easier, cheaper and flexible when it comes to monetizing your skills. Below video shows some general background information on the subject. With LitCoat you simply can paint it

It doesn’t matter where you are, New York, Rome, Amsterdam, Hongkong, Melborne, Berlin, Boston, Vancouver, Singapore or just any place, every auto body shop would be very willing to do it for you.

It goes without saying that once you are able to paint spray electroluminescent paint your opportunities are endless. Architectural signs thinking of how drastically the information could change that niche into a true revenue shaker. You can do it starting today!

After-all, innovation is about the application of better solutions that meet new requirements